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Gayle Hepler Sr. Loan Officer, Mortgage Specialist
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Gayle Hepler

Gayle Hepler

Sr. Loan Officer, Mortgage Specialist

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Sr. Loan Officer, Mortgage Specialist

Discover a Personal Approach to Mortgage Lending

As a local originator in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry for over 30 years, my main focus has always been about helping people. I believe in educating clients while helping them navigate the often puzzling landscape of home finance.   Whether it is a first time purchase loan, investor financing, or a refinance loan to modify and lower their mortgage payment~  my goal has always been to help save my client the most money possible; and at the same time pay it forward to enable them to wind up in better shape financially than when they started the process. 


Over the years I have worn the hats of real estate professional as well as mortgage originator. Because of my background I understand where both sides are coming from, which has proven to be a huge benefit to my clients. When folks choose to close a deal with me, they walk away with extreme satisfaction and a smile on their face. Over the years my agent referral partners and past clients have given me wonderful testimonials about their experience. As a matter of a fact most of my business is referral based. When somebody begins the process of home finance with me they will benefit from several years of experience and the personal touch that comes from my keen attention to detail, and awareness of what “must” happen to close their transaction efficiently.  


I come from a family of real estate business owners. (My grandmother started her own real estate company in the 1960’s after my grandfather, who was a Navy Sea Captain, passed away and left her to raise three sons on her own.) My father was in the Coast Guard, and then eventually took over my grandmother’s real estate business when she retired. My mother ran the entire office of agents while my dad was a property developer, and also a fee appraiser. I remember from my earliest years working with my parents and grandmother late into the evening at Valley Properties Realty in King County, WA. 


When you choose to work with me, you can expect a personal approach throughout the entire lending process with a vast knowledge about what people want and need. I have relationship building skills from a lifetime of enjoying and working with people. Personalized lending solutions help my clients find the right loan program to fit their specific financial goals. I have streamlined the lending process to assure that my clients close their loans with less stress and greater confidence about their investment. When you choose your mortgage lender, make sure you select a person who has your best interest in mind and who has the experience and integrity you deserve with a servant’s heart. At Creekside Mortgage, Inc.  My team and I specialize in government home loans like the zero down VA home loan, low down 3.5% FHA home loan, the First time home buyer loans and regular conventional loans for as little as 3% down for conforming loans, Appraisal waiver possible (or with appraisal discount depending on location); the Home Possible 3% down conventional home loan, traditional Conventional and Jumbo home loans over the current county loan limits, VA Jumbo loans for over $766,550 loan amounts, and FHA Reverse Mortgage or Purchase loans for seniors over 62! I specialize in cash out refinances for conventional as well as VA and FHA streamline refinances!    


Please call me for a free pre-approval today.  I will work hard to help make the dream of home ownership and achieving the American Dream a reality for you in 2024. Thank you for your trust. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Personal Testimonials 



For more than 12 years I have counted on Gayle Hepler, at Creekside Mortgage to get my clients to the finish line! Professional, personable, and top Performance!

-Gloria M.



I've used Creekside Mortgage on 3 occasions and working with Gayle Hepler is always smooth and pleasant.  She is attentive to needs and takes the extra time to help you understand all your options.  She even drove for several hours to sign papers with me when I purchased my first house.  Most recently she helped me with a loan that closed in less than 3 weeks.  I won't use anyone else!

-Ame L.



Gayle and her team at Creekside did an excellent job facilitating my refinance. Communication was concise and quick when needed. I was well informed about the process and what to expect, and that's something that I sincerely appreciated. Many thanks to Gayle and The Team. I highly recommend their service.

-Jacob K.


I have done several mortgage and refinance loans over the years with Gayle Hepler at Creekside Mortgage, Inc. and this was by far the easiest experience I have had to date. We were locked in early December and within 14 days the notary was at our home and we were signing all the paperwork. She even found an appraisal waiver for this process, saving us $800! The entire process is very smooth and I highly recommend this broker and company. I will definitely do business with Gayle again! She is communicative and works fast! 

-Crystal A.


We worked with Gayle at Creekside Mortgage. I will say during the pandemic and all the craziness going on she stayed on top of everything (including making sure we signed everything needed) Gayle was amazing to work with.  Thank you Gayle you are top notch and I highly recommend you and Creekside to anyone looking for great service!! Thank you

-Toni T.


Gayle and the team at Creekside Mortgage were great! We were referred by a coworker and would definitely recommend using Creekside for a new loan or refi. With our refinance were able to do several things: shave off 8 years of payments, lower our fixed rate to 2.75% and get rid of our mortgage insurance! Gayle got the job done in such a short time we were able to skip 2 payments, saving us even more money! Thanks Gayle and the Creekside Team!

-Holly Elwess


I've used Gayle Hepler from Creekside Mortgage twice in the last few years and she is the Va Loan Specialist. I wanted to get some cash out of the house and she helped. The process took less then month with the papers signed and cash in the bank. Gayle is the professional you want working for you. Excellent experience. Thank You!

-Larry Clevenger


Gayle and her team are the best! She has handled a number of loans over the years for us and we completely trust her advice and her ability to always do everything she says she will do. She contacted me recently to let me know VA streamline refi rates were really great and she locked us in quickly. The team at Creekside had most of what they needed already and made the process simple. It’s so nice to have a trusted adviser that you can always count on. Great job Creekside and the Hepler Team! 

- Michael Y


We highly recommend Gayle Hepler, to anyone looking to secure a mortgage or refinance! Gayle and the team at Creekside provided outstanding customer service, a thorough knowledge of industry regulations, and consistent communication throughout our Re-fi process. We first contacted Gayle over a year ago, seeking a second opinion on a ridiculously low appraisal received while attempting a refinance through an on-line broker. The experience with the on-line broker was abysmal; poor communication, lack of knowledge of industry regulations, and multiple empty promises to close “soon" which never happened. Because of the low appraisal now on record, at that time Gayle was unable to help us, and we thought our chance to Re-fi with low rates were lost. Unbeknownst to us, over a year after our first contact with her, Gayle had kept tabs on our file and watched the market for more favorable values. She reached out to us inquiring about our interest in moving forward with a Re-fi. Were we still interested? Absolutely, we were interested!!! Our Re-fi took less than 30 days from loan approval to signing documents. That process included a big change in direction when our appraisal came in slightly low, but with Gayle’s mortgage regulation acumen and her perseverance in working with the lender, she successfully brought our Re-fi to closing. We gladly and unreservedly recommend Gayle to anyone for their mortgage broker needs … and should we need mortgage services of any kind down the road, Gayle at Creekside Mortgage will be our first and only call.

  • Al-n-Terri Curtis


We are return customers of Creekside Mortgage for several reasons:
1. Our Loan Specialist Gayle Hepler remained in contact with us about upcoming rates and opportunities to re-finance.
2. We got top notch, quality, and professional service each time we used Creekside Mortgage.
3. They arranged everything and always communicated clearly. 
4. Facilitated secure document transfers.  
5. We have never had any problems or rejections for a loan or re-finance because Creekside Mortgage gets it right the first time, on time.
6. They always got us the best rates with great lending institutions.
7. They are truly the VA home loan experts.
8. Followed up, right up to the day of closing.
9. Ethical, Professional, and Trustworthy. 
We would both recommend Creekside Mortgage and Gayle Hepler.
Very Sincerely 

Patrick Langan and Maryann Bannon  (Navy Vet) Belfair, WA

"Hi Gayle,
Thank you very much.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work that you and your team put into securing my loan.  I am sure I will be very happy in the house and cannot wait to get settled.
You will be my first choice for any home mortgage referrals. 
Thank you again, you are the best."
Roita Larsen
Battle Ground, Washington

"Hi Gayle,
Thank you so much for helping us getting the duplex. We greatly appreciate your time and effort. It has been a great pleasure working with you.
We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and New Year of happiness.
Sincerely, Tam Bui and Tuyen Truong"
Beaverton, OR

"On 6/4/2012, I signed a contract with your company to process my VA Home Loan. The loan was started as promised on 6/10/2012 and completed on 8/31/2012 and Gayle was able to lock our VA interest rate in at a very low rate. There was not one day when the appropriate work was not done by Creekside.
The staff were all competent, polite, and respectful of my inquires. When the loan was started, all necessary documents were collected up front saving time.
I am very pleased with the loan and would recommend your company to any of my friends or relatives who might be interesed in similar loans. It is easy to see why your company has been in business since 1984.
As a manager, I appreciate the personal inquiries you made regarding the progress of the loan and my satisfaction with it.
Your Government Mortgage Specialist: Gayle, is one in a million. She has the rare combination of personality, job expertise, coordination ability, and most of all integrity. What Gayle says, you can stake your life on.
Thank you for this life changing experience, our family is very happy!"
Richie and Meghan Holmes

"Dear Creekside Mortgage,
Gayle Hepler was wonderful in assisting us in refinancing our home recently at a low interest rate of 3.449%. She was able to obtain a VA loan for us, combining both a 1st & 2nd mortgage. Both combined is now actually lower than our previous mortgage payment for the 1st alone!
Gayle and everyone on staff at Creekside Mortgage are professional & courteous. The process from start to finish went smoothly, making it a non-stressful experience. We would definitely recommend Gayle & Creekside Mortgage to anyone looking to refinance their home."
Al & Diana Tolenino, Battle Ground, Washington

"Dear Gayle,
I just want to thank you for the tremendous service you have provided to me and my clients over the past year. Each one has been different, and you have worked through the challenges of each one, with great skill and diligence.
I know that in some cases, you have performed near miracles, and in my mind "you walk on water." I am especially proud of the work we have done for our Veterans.
Thank you for all you do, and thank you for attending the closings. (And taking those happy pictures!) I know that between us, our clients know and FEEL that they have truly been served.
Ooooh and be sure to send KUDOS to your TEAM at Creekside! "
Gloria Matthews, Adamas Realty

"Dear Gayle & Creekside Staff,
Thank you so much for your expert guidance and support during our loan process. I will highly recommend you to my military friends in this area. We are so happy in our new home and are very appreciative of all who helped us to get here."
Amethyst and Corey White, Salem, Oregon

"I want to thank Gayle Hepler and the staff of Creekside Mortgage for assistance in the FHA refinance of my home.
As part of a divorce settlement this action was necessary. Gayle walked me through the process, making sure I understood the details and what was required of me. In what was already a very stressful situation, my concerns were addressed and my worries diminished. I am now the sole owner of my house, maintaining it for my children as 'home.'"
Shelley Park, Vancouver, Washington

"It was a great experience dealing with Creekside Mortgage for our recent home refinance in May. We had been trying to refinance for a couple of years now and were always turned down. (None of the government programs ever worked for us.) There was always some catch or glitch~ that would wind up saying we didn’t qualify so we could not refinance.
We were told by our own lender they would not refinance us. This loan had mortgage insurance, and so we thought there was no hope to lower our rate and payment, until we asked Gayle Hepler at Creekside Mortgage, Inc. for help. Gayle was able to help us refinance utilizing the new HARP 2.0 Refinance Relief program (for underwater home owners); and since our home mortgage was a Fannie Mae owned loan things worked out wonderfully! Gayle got this done in under 30 days! We not only were able to lower our interest rate 2 points, but are now saving over $300 a month too, which really comes in handy when raising three growing boys in this economy.
Thank you Gayle and your staff at Creekside Mortgage! We are so happy you got it done for us and we are thankful we were able to take advantage of the good, low interest rate too."
Jason and Aubrey Barkley, Hillsboro, Oregon

"I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous service you have provided to me and my clients over the past year. Each one has been different, and you have worked through the challenges of each one, with great skill and diligence.I know in some cases, you have performed near miracles, and in my mind "you walk on water". I am especially proud of the work we have done together for our Veterans.Thank you for all you do and thank you for attending the closings (and taking those happy pictures!). I know that between us, our clients know and FEEL that they have been truly served.
Be sure to send KUDOS to your team at Creekside!!”
Gloria Matthews, Adamas Realty, Vancouver, Washington

"Gayle Hepler is one of the most thorough mortgage brokers I have ever had the experience of working with. Her in-depth knowledge, superior communication skills and determination to help people has benefited my clients tremendously, and they have thanked me repeatedly for the introduction. I would recommend calling Gayle when you are considering obtaining any type of residential mortgage loan, because she's absolutely dynamite at what she does! She's nothing short of a miracle worker, and she won't let you down!"
Tracey Branche, Oregon First Realty, Beaverton, Oregon

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Gayle Hepler

Sr. Loan Officer, Mortgage Specialist
NMLS# 120728

4601 NE 77th Ave., Ste #100
Vancouver, WA 98662
State Licenses: OR, WA

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