We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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Working with Nicolle and Kerry Greenwald on my VA loan was awesome. Ive worked with them before and I will always go back to them. The Greenwald team is a pleasure to work with.

Quinn Thomsen

Boise, ID

We have been doing business with Kerry and his team for over 10 years. He had his business in Vancouver Washington, still does, however he wanted to move to Boise Idaho due to falling in live with our beautiful city and all that it has to offer. I am so very happy he decided to open a second office here and lives here now with his family. I cannot express enough gratitude to him nd his team through the years. He has saved us money, he tells us straight up what is going on with the market, calls us when he sees things changing, he has always had time for us and is a beautiful honest human. He is passionate about helping others and has certainly changed our life for the better through his VA loan. He also does other loans and is a one stop shop and truly cares about his clients. !!!! there is no one to compare to him and his staff.

Sheila Chapdelaine

Boise, ID

I'm 60 years into this crazy ride called "life" and single, kids grown. Didn't think I would ever get a chance to buy a home of my own. But then Creekside Mortgage came along. I didn't think it was possible, but these guys were not going to let me give up! My case was a little "special" because I make really decent money for a living, but I didn't have any money to speak of to put into the process. I'm a veteran, so this wouldn't have been possible without that. But my case was one of those "ok, we're gonna have to get creative here" cases! And that's just what Nichole and Kerry at Creekside did! It took more time than usual. It required more than 2 months of wrangling. It took a lot of patience, which I don't have much of left! But despite the poor market conditions, my "special needs", the lack of money of front on my part, these wonderful people made it work for me! It would take both hands to count the "panic attacks" I had during this process. But each time all I had to do was call Nichole and she always knew what to say and what to do to make everything work out despite the odds. Which were clearly stacked against me!
Now I'm writing this review from my new living room. I have literally the house" I've always wanted". It's still hard to believe I'm finally here. It wouldn't have happened without these guys expertise, confidence, empathy for me as a person. These guys are miracle workers! Magicians of the highest order!
If you have any doubts about buying your first home, call Nichole and Kerry. These are the professionals who will make it happen!

Devon Smith

Portland, OR

I would like to thank the Nicolle and the Creekside Mortgage team for there help with the purchase and refinancing of our home. They made the difficult process of buying a home easier, comfortable and trustworthy. All questions were answered in a timely manner. They were very professional I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home. I can't thank them enough! Awesome job!

Napoleon McKinney and Haiyan Zhang

Beaverton, OR

A friend referred me to Creekside Mortgage after they helped him buy a home. I am so grateful for this referral!
Kerry has put together an outstanding team of intelligent, competent, cheerful, and hardworking professionals.
Nicolle Khounphachansy was my Loan Officer's Assistant. She truly understands the not only the home loan process but also the stress and emotional investment in procuring a home loan. She is a shining example of the kind of Home Loan Assistant you would want when making quite possibly the largest and most important purchase in your life. She guided me through the home loan steps with expertise, integrity and knowledge. She clearly and patiently explained each step and answered my questions honestly and accurately throughout the entire process. She often answered my calls on the first ring and her response in sending important information and documents was prompt and professional. Even my realtor, who has years of experience was impressed with Nicole and Creekside Mortgage. If you are looking for a home loan in the Pacific Northwest, do yourself a favor, Contact Creekside Mortgage.

stanton speck


Thanks to Kelsee, Kerry, and the Creekside Mortgage team with our latest VA home loan. With their guidance, we were able to purchase our latest home without a realtor. That says it all. We will always go to Creekside Mortgage for any real estate purchases in the future. If you want to be treated with respect, professionalism, and save some $$$, go to Creekside Mortgage,

Greg and Charlene K.

Vancouver, WA

Gayle and her team are the best! She has handled a number of loans over the years for us and we completely trust her advice and her ability to always do everything she says she will do. She contacted me recently to let me know VA streamline refi rates were really great and she locked us in quickly. The team at Creekside had most of what they needed already and made the process simple. It’s so nice to have a trusted adviser that you can always count on. Great job Creekside and the Hepler Team! 

Michael Y

Spokane , WA

I just wanted to thank Kerry and his team for making my refi so super easy and fast. I do recommend Creekside and Kerry to anyone who asks me for a mortgage broker. I also wanted to especially thank Nicolle for her caring and help. Such a great team!! Bravo!

Kelly Smith

Gresham, OR

Thank you Kerry and the Greenwald team for generously donating your time and resources to our veterans. My Wife and I recently went to Creekside for the second time to refinance our home. Just like the first time Teri Lane made us feel like family. We soon hooked up with our processor Dave Fazzio and got to work.Several times in the process our computer acted up at home but we trusted Dave to link his computer to our e-mail and recover everything. He walked us through it a few times.The guy is amazing. He even returned our calls on his day off. Now that is dedication! Thank you Dave. If you need to finance or just need some money for whatever please call Creek side and talk to them. Hurry though because the feds are probably going to raise rates a few times in 2019. 5 stars for you Dave.

Mike and Alisa t.

Vancouver, WA

Kerry and his team was a pleasure to work with getting our home purchased. Nicolle was very punctual and responded back very expeditiously whenever I had a question or concerns. I had a potential issue when we were close to going to escrow and the issue would of been me being out of state. Nicolle planned ahead to take care of it and coordinated with all parties to make sure my family was being taken care of to get the keys to move in before I left.
As a father I wanted to thank you for helping us in purchasing our home. I know that my family is grateful and excited having a home. Having lived in a trailer for almost two years and life problems that we were dealt: it was a good feeling seeing my family practice volleyball in our home and baking home cooked lasagna. Yumm!!

thank you

Min Y.

Min and Jenefer Yun

Vancouver, WA

I chose Creekside Mortgage due to the fact they are big fans and apart of the Portland Air National Guard community. I was referred from a co-worker to call Gayle Hepler for my future home buying needs. I called Gayle out of curiosity on what exactly I needed to qualify for a VA home loan. She was thrilled to know I am current service member of our armed forces. Which made the rapport and home buying experience even greater.
Things moved very fast as soon as I spotted a home, me and my wife were interested in. As soon as I put an offer in the house my wife and I were interested in, Gayle was on it right away. She cares very much about her profession, her work place and even more importantly, her clients. As soon as I walked into the facility of Creekside Mortgage, they made me feel very comfortable and very welcomed. The overall experience was great, especially since buying a home is such a huge commitment. One of the things that really stuck out to me, was when the original owner noticed my wife was without coffee or tea, and he walked in to ask my wife what she wanted to drink. To me that shows that this man cared a lot about his clients. As small of a nice gesture that was, that really made me feel comfortable about who I was working with. I was able to walk into Creekside and having the keys to my first home, in just a few short months. Gayle made the process really easy for me, the hardest thing I had to do was locate papers and scan them over. She worked day and night and even away on vacation to help make sure we got our loan approved and our home. So for any veterans or anyone else out there looking for a great place for home buying, this is the place to go. Thank you Gayle and thank you Creekside for your service to the Davis Family.

The Davis Family

Vancouver, WA

Gayle Hepler helped me and my husband get a loan  that we needed to purchase my mother's house.  The loan approval was more complicated, because my mother's assets were under a conservatorship.  Gayle worked  above and beyond to help the process move forward, despite a few setbacks. Between two attorneys, lots of corresponse, a lot of problem solving, documents and a lot of others involved, the loan was approved.    We greatly appreciate how much Gayle helped us get the loan that we needed.  I recommend contacting her for your loan needs.

Lisabeth Hutton


We closed on our duplex last week because Kerry and his team came to our rescue and secured the loan. After a long and disastrous process with the USAA loan organization we had only a few days to save our house. Kerry, Joe and Nicolle along with others at Creekside corrected the errors made by USAA, made a herculean effort to bring us to close. Not only that they locked in a lower interest rate, lower closing costs and lowered the payment amount. Their representation for our VA loan brought our dreams to fruition. We are endorsing their skills and commitment to veterans and to all who want success with their loan process.

James Orman

North Plains, OR

We first contacted Creekside mortgage in 2012. Nicolle worked with us, contacting us from time to time over the years to find out if we were ready to go.ahead with our refinance. At last, this year after going through a bankruptcy, she was there to guide us through with a VA loan with a very good interest rate. Kerry and his team were stellar in helping resolve any issues in our way.  Any veterans looking for a home loan will not go wrong here. 

Cathy C

Vancouver, WA

Nicolle has been very helpful with our new home from start to finish on the journey. She is very prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. I would recommend Nicolle for processing or any inquiries about home! She is very supportive and reliable! 

Ivy Quach

Happy valley , OR

Two home purchases and a refinance - I only go to one team for, and that's Creekside. A big thank you from our family to Nicolle, Kerry, and the whole Creekside team. 

Tim Fox

Vancouver, WA

Mike did a great job. He got everything done in such a short amount of time. It was great working with Mike and with Creekside Mortgage. If I ever need this service again I will use Creekside.  I have recommended Creekside to all my friends.  Thank you guys. Great service

Julie Crockett

Portland , OR

MoreYesterday our dream came true as we closed and recorded on our new home and property. We can honestly say that our dream would never have come true if it wasn?t for Kerry and Michelle from Creekside Mortgage and our realtor Robin Conrad from Expert Realty NW. As a veteran I was looking for a team that I could trust, that would shoot straight with me, and would go to work getting us what we really wanted in a property. Creekside?s team showed integrity and responsiveness right from the start. Kerry and Michelle worked to ensure all the documentation the underwriter could possible need was done. Robin spent hours driving us around most of Clark County and helped lead us to the perfect property. The entire team was always prompt, responsive, and courteous. We could not be happier with the service and attention we received. Thank you Kerry, Michelle, and Robin for a truly wonderful experience and for making our dream come true!

Frank D.

Vancouver, WA

Mike Frakes has outdone himself once again. My wife and I were lucky to find Mike back in 2007 and knew from the get go we'd request his wisdom and customer service the second time round. Mike is trustworthy and always looks after the best interest of his clients throughout the entire process. He and his team were dedicated to making our dream a reality. He thinks of you and your family every step of the way, and that alone is enough for me.

Aaron Anderson

Keizer, OR

Mike Frankes has helped us since we bought our first home. We had gone back to him 3 times and he is always an amazing person, reliable, he has so much knowledge and made our V.A loan process look so easy.

Maria C.

Vancouver, WA

I went to Creekside mortgage in Vancouver . This was also our second time to use Creekside .Mike Frakes did a excellent job on my refinance . I had a few special obstacles but Mike did a excellent job getting the refi done and meeting all my goals. Thank You Mike and the rest of the Creekside team Charles and Sheryl P

Charles D Pettit

Vancouver, WA

? Kerry Greenwald & Michelle Garifalakis were great to work with when we got our mortgage. They made sure we were on top of the game by having us submit all our info as soon as we could. I will definitely recommend them for anyone getting a home loan, especially a VA loan.

Marcy D.

Vancouver, WA

Mike Frakes, what a guy. He has so much knowledge of the lending business, He made our experience with the V.A. home loan process seem like childs play. He was right on top of all the details, and stayed in touch with us all the way. Mike your awesome! We are now in our house and getting settled in to our half acre forever house. Thank you sincerely the Kelley's.

R. Kelley

Vancouver, WA

Since our house search began back in February Creekside Mortgage has gone above and beyond all of our expectations. Michelle Garifalakis was our main point of contact for all of our VA Home loan needs. She made sure that no questions were left unanswered and promptly got in touch with us to get any information or paperwork that was needed to process our loan. Her abilities and knowledge of VA home loans and professional work ethic made our home buying process effortless.

Kerry Greenwald has truly put together a team of outstanding professionals to represent Creekside Mortgage and we would highly recommend them to any former or currently serving service members looking to purchase a home. Their steadfast dedication and determination truly makes them standout among the rest and we could not be happier in our decision to work them.

Arthur P.

Lakewood, WA

We have worked with Kerry Greenwald and his team at Creekside Mortgage for many years. Each time they have exceeded our expectations and consistently prove they care about you. Kerry and his team go above and beyond and I personally can't thank them enough. They were always available to answer questions/reassure me when the process got complicated. I would highly recommend them for your VA mortgage needs.

Amanda C.

Carson, WA

Gayle Hepler at Creekside Mortgage offers a level of service that feels way beyond the normal mortgage servicing experience. From going to bat for us selflessly to bringing sombreros for our Cinco de Mayo Closing Date, it was well beyond what we expected as first-time homebuyers. My wife and I couldn't be happier with securing the keys to our first home, but we learned there is more to this whole process than just signing papers and opening the front door for the first time. Gayle and her team were there for us paving each step including hours spent educating us on how to interpret the loan process, mortgage rates, and connecting us to more resources so we can fully understand this big life event. Her attention to loan details is only surpassed by her devotion to her clients, and we are so glad to have had Gayle assist us, and even more excited to have gained a friend in the home buying process.

K. Van Cleef

Vancouver, WA

This was my second experience with Creekside Mortgage and Kerry Greenwald and it has exceeded my expectations! Nicolle and team Greenwald went out of their way to make this refinance fast and smooth. I always had the feeling that I was the only loan they were handling, even though I know they were extremely busy. I have recommended them to everyone I know. An incomparable experience and one I deeply appreciate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kelly S.

Gresham, OR

Gayle Hepler (my loan officer) and the team at Creekside Mortgage are awesome! They were very professional, informative, helpful and caring. For me, buying a house is a difficult arduous task. Gayle and the team helped make this a very smooth experience. They all worked very hard to get my loan approved and funded quickly. We began our initial loan disclosures on 1-27-16 and were totally closed, funded and recorded 3-1-16. Super fast and awesome! Gayle worked closely with my realtor Gloria Matthews at Principal Property Brokers. The two wonderful ladies were my dynamic duo. I couldn't have asked for a better team. I strongly recommend anyone who is reading reviews about where to go for your home loans, to stop and look no further. These are the people who will take care of you. Thank you Gayle and the team at Creekside Mortgage.
David K

David K

Vancouver, WA

Kerry and his team are great.
Michelle was the person who helped me to get my VA refinancing loan. She always stayed in contact with me by email or phone. Also she kept me informed on the status of the loan. Liked doing everything on-line. So much easier then having to go to an office in town when I had papers to sign.
I would recommend anyone needing a VA loan to contact Creekside Mortgage. They go the extra mile for you!!

Denise H.

Coleville, WA

This is our second VA mortgage with Creekside Mortgage inc.. Kerry Greenwald, Loan Officer, Michelle Garifalakis, Loan Assistant and Teri Lane, Assistant treated us with the utmost respect and handled our mortgage with total professionalism and quality service. Kerry was available to us on the weekend over the Holidays to answer questions for us and our Relator. Thank you Creekside Mortgage for a job well done.

Laurence D.

Battle Ground, WA

This is the second VA Loan we have obtained in the past 5 years. Kerry Greenwald, Loan Officer, Michelle Garifalakis, Assistant and Office Assistant Teri Lane, handled our loan with professionalism and quality service. Kerry took phone calls over the Holiday weekend to answer questions from us as well as our Realtor. Michelle and Teri were very professional and pleasant in gathering and processing the massive amount of paperwork. Thank you Creekside for an excellent job.

Laurence D

Battle Ground, WA

In September of 2015 my Wife Maryann and I contacted a Realtor Lynn Vaughn in Vancouver Washington about our upcoming move into the area. Lynn, who came highly recommended, referred us to Gayle Helper of Creekside Mortgage to assist us with our loan application process.
From the very beginning Gayle was an advocate ensuring we knew the process, helping us gather all of the information, and by providing the required documents. Gayle ensured that our file was maintained with the most up to date which is critical in a fluid market with short supply.
Her knowledge of VA loans was top notch which ensured our Closing Costs were paid completely, the appraisal came in higher than expected, and that our loan was approved and ready to close in under 30 days at a great rate! We could not have been in better hands.
Gayle Hepler and Creekside Mortgage are true professionals who will work hard for you too. We recommend Gayle Hepler and Creekside Mortgage!
Very Sincerely
Patrick and Maryann Langan

Patrick Langan

Belfair, WA

Over the top. That is what they do here to make sure their Customers are happy. I have worked with Kerry and his team at Creekside Mortgage 3 times and each time I am still blown away about how they make me feel like part of thier family. Whether it be a quick phone call to answer questions or an email they are always their to make you feel welcome and your business and your loan experience is important to them. The last 2 experiences, Kerry saved me thousands of dollars by taking his time watching the interest rates to make sure we locked in at the best possible time. I feel as a Veteran I could not recommend a better place to get a mortgage that understands your values and needs.

Joshua B

Portland, OR

Working through all the stuff that goes into getting a mortgage and purchasing a home can be stressful and time consuming, but Kerry and his team are there for you every step of the way. Nicolle was always in constant communication with me when they needed paperwork from me.

I have worked with Kerry and his team on two other home purchases and a few streamline refinances. When I was looking for my first home every place I talked to were quick to tell me how much they could get me to buy my dream home but Kerry was the only one to sit down and talk with me about what I could afford.

I recommend Kerry and his team to anyone looking for a mortgage.

Anthony W

Vancouver, WA

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Gayle Hepler and the team at Creekside Mortgage in helping us secure a conventional mortgage on our home purchase. I found Creekside by searching online for lenders in the area and they had great reviews on Yelp and other sites – and for good reason!
The financing portion of our home buying experience was more enjoyable and stress free than I ever could have imagined. Gayle was very helpful in getting all of our information put together up-front so there were no surprises in underwriting… and there weren’t!  Not only that, but Gayle and her team managed to close our loan in record time, even with all of the new TRID rules.
Gayle is top notch in our book. She went above and beyond to give us great service with a personalized touch. Not only does she know the mortgage industry inside and out, her experience, dedication and knowledge of the overall real estate market and home buying process was invaluable to us. I greatly appreciate the effort she put into helping us secure financing to purchase our dream home.
We will absolutely recommend Creekside to anyone we know that’s looking to purchase or refinance in the future. 
Thanks again Gayle!

Chad Gipson

Camas, WA

All I can say is Creek side Mortgage is an amazing company to work with. They really know how to go the extra mile for you. When I first bought my first home 2 years ago, my realtor recommended me to a man name Mike Frakes who works for Creek side Mortgage. The minute I met Mike I could tell he truly cared about getting me into a home I could not only afford but knew I wouldn't regret buying. Just recently I refinanced my home through Mike. And once again I can proudly say Mike really knew how to be there for me. I now have a great monthly mortgage rate I'm happy with, and at the same time I got some stressful finances lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much Mike for being there for me. Also thank you Creek Side for being there for me as well. You guys are amazing, and I currently and will always recommend you to anyone who's looking to buy a home or refinance.   Sincerly.   -Nick Badalamenti-

nick badalamenti

vancouver, WA

This is my 2nd experience with Creekside Mortgage and they were both great!! Both times I worked with Mike Frakes on my loans. He knows everything there is to know about VA loans, regular loans, etc... You can tell when you walk in the door that Mike and everyone there really cares about their customers. My first loan was in '07 or so and Mike was able to help me out with a refinance that I thought I could never do. Flawless and seamless. I contacted Mike again not too long ago because we were looking to refinance again. He remembered me like we had just spoke the other day. That was a great feeling and a very welcoming feeling. Just like the first loan, Mike did an awesome job on this one as well. My wife and I could not be happier and are beyond pleased with Mike and everyone at Creekside Mortgage. I would highly recommend them for any type of home loan whether it's a new house or a refinance. You won't regret it.
Thanks Mike!!!

M. Boucher

Vancouver, WA

Recently purchased a home and used my VA benefits for the loan. Creekside Mortgage specializes in VA loans. I worked with Kerry Greenwald and Michelle Garifalakis. Michelle was so professional and kept me updated on the progress all the time. Everything went very smoothly and I would highly recommend working with Kerry and Michelle. They closed the deal early and at a great rate. Wish there was an options to give a 10 star rating. I could not have been happier with a home buying experience. Thanks for all your help.

Clay C

Vancouver, WA

Absolutely Amazing! Kerry Greenwald and his professional team of V.A. loan experts quickly(and painlessly) made my dreams of becoming a homeowner a reality. If you're not using Creekside Mortgage, you'll be VERY sorry you didn't. I now recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank-you all so much!

I recommend calling Nicolle, She is just thee most delightful and helpful assistant you could ever ask for.

McKay M

Cathlamet, WA

I have to give Gayle and her team at Creekside Mortgage kudos for helping me obtain a Federal VA Home loan. FIRST, let me just say that my situation was anything but normal - and normal would have been easy - however Gayle was patient and understanding- she communicates clearly and I was never in a position wondering what do I do next and or confused with the myriad of financial terms during this process. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gayle and Creekside Mortgage as the experts you need to have on your side to find your VA Home Loan. They instilled trust and competence and Gayle was on top of all my issues. Thank You Gayle and Creekside!!!!

Oscar Q.

Vancouver, WA

My name is Chris M. A few months ago, I saw an article in the Oregonian newspaper about a Mortgage company that had a good knowledge of VA loans. I was just beginning my home search and knew I would want a VA loan. so I called Creekside mortgage, and they explained a few facets of a VA loan as opposed to a different type. They also introduced me to Steve Granmo, my realtor, who patiently took me from home to home, trying to narrow down the one I would end up with. I said yes to three different homes, but for some reason, they all fell apart. The fourth house, however, was the one that i was able to find and complete. The staff at Creekside walked me through the many steps needed to complete the approval process for my loan. I spent time on the phone with Nicolle, who explained all my questions. Kerry also called me to go over the loan rate amount and other items about the loan that may have been difficult to understand.. The whole staff at Creekside, was professional and knew what steps to take and in which order, to make the loan approval process as easy as possible for me, while still making me more knowledgeable about the workings and requirements of a VA home loan. Thanks again, Creekside,

Chris M

Portland, OR

What a team. Consummate professionals, always. Two local bankers told me I could not use V.A. benefits more than once to buy a home, so I almost didn't try to buy another house. One e-mail to Kerry's team confirmed that vets can indeed use our benefits more than once, until the entitlement is used up.
Every question is answered immediately. This team cares and puts clients' needs before their own, always. I never felt ignored or put off and I had plenty of questions. At every step, everything is made clear and Creekside Mortgage is always in our corner. Kerry started this company because he is a vet himself. We are so lucky to have this mortgage company working for us vets. I am very grateful

C. Yeager

Coos Bay, OR

Mike Frakes is simply one of the best to work with in securing a mortgage or refinance loan. He goes the extra mile and leaves no stone unturned in doing his job. We have gone to see Mike more than once and have referred family members to see him and we certainly wouldn't do that if we didn't feel confident in Mike and Creekside Mortgage. We highly recommend him and wouldn't hesitate seeing him again for our next mortgage needs.

Dennis M

Vancouver, WA

My wife and I recently purchased our first home with the assistance of the Creekside Mortgage team. Nicolle was our main contact throughout the process. She did a fantastic job explaining everything we had questions about, as well as setting reasonable expectations throughout the whole home-buying process. It was a surprisingly easy and smooth process, no major snags that caught us off guard or anything like that. Nicolle did a ton of work on our behalf and she definitely cared about us as people. It really is about setting up realistic expectations. Kerry is definitely an expert with VA loans, and as a veteran handling VA loans he truly knows how important this whole process is when you're sitting on the other side of the table. All of the staff are knowledgeable and professional. If you are a fellow veteran looking to use your VA loan, you won't find anyone better to handle your mortgage than the Creekside team. Do yourself a service and check them out!

Nicholas S

Portland, OR

This is the second time that my husband and I have worked with Mike Frakes as our mortgage specialist. To say the least, he was wonderful to work with. My husband is a veteran, and Mike was able to seamlessly help us navigate the VA loan process! He was available by email or phone with any questions we had, and he was very accommodating to my schedule (I work night shift as a nurse,and needed to meet either early in the morning or late afternoons). It was comforting to know I could ask tons of questions, and that Mike would get back to me within a few short hours. Mike also worked behind the scenes quite often with our realtor, Robin Conrad. They were an amazing team, and made our selling & buying process so incredibly easy. I couldn't be happier with Mike and Creekside Mortgage, my husband and I both highly recommend this great team!

Laura B

Vancouver, WA

We just closed on our refinance a few days ago and the experience from start to finish was QUICK, SEAMLESS and EASY! Kerry and Nicole at Creekside Mortgage were so helpful in communicating all the information to us and keeping us in the loop. I would HIGHLY recommend using Creekside Mortgage to everyone.

Julie S

Vancouver, WA

The folks at Creekside Mortgage explained everything in plain English, not in Mortgagese, so we could understand the process and make a sound decision with our refinance. We would use Creekside Mortgage again and again, without hesitation.


Vancouver, WA

I would like to thank Mike,and the rest of the team,for the fast good service,they did for me,they made the whole thing,go smooth,and fast,did not think it was so easy.Thanks again for the good job.

danny tibbits

vancouver, WA

We just closed on our house a few days ago & I can't speak highly enough of Gayle Hepler & the team at Creekside Mortgage. Everyone worked diligently in getting our loan into underwriting without any delays.
Gayle assisted us a few years ago in refinancing our other home with a low VA loan & she again worked her magic in getting us a VA loan of 4.125% this time. I would certainly recommend seeking Gayle & her wonderful team out, especially if you are looking to obtain a VA loan. They are professional, honest & work hard.

Diana T.

Vancouiver, WA

Creekside Mortgage is a wonderful, professional company that strives to help people get the loan they need. All of the staff is great and friendly. Kerry, our loan officer, is very helpful and puts the needs of his clients above everything else.We feel honored that my husband and myself have had the privilege of doing business with Creekside Mortgage twice, once for our original 30-year fixed home loan, then again for our 15-year fixed refinance.If you're thinking of doing business with a mortgage company, please don't hesitate to give this company a call. They will do everything they can for you, and always put your needs first. You won't be disappointed.Thank you Kerry, Nicolle, and the rest of the Creekside team!

P. Sanders

Vancouver, WA

This review is for Creekside Mortgage Inc. I would like to say, that the crew of ***** and ****** were wonderful to work with; the speed in which they helped us, was a mind bender for me and my wife. The attention to detail and all out willing to go the extra mile, was very refreshing. I am a Desert Storm combat veteran, and I have not seen such dedication to see the mission through in a while, but it was groovy seeing these people at work. I will, and plan on recommending this fine business to my fellow veterans ; I give the business 20 stars, their simply groovy.
This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

Michael B

Vancouver, WA

James Carlton
in the last week
Creekside Mortgage is truly the best!! Veteran ran, helping other veterans!! Kerry knows the ins and outs of getting through the VA loan process. I can't thank Michelle enough for making "the process" as painless as possible. She was there to follow up every detail along the way and represents the company very well. She represents "Team Kerry" extremely well!! I am absolutely glad that I dealt with this small, local to the Portland area, company. I would recommend them to any fellow veteran and would not hesitate to use them again for a refinance or even if we decide to move again. kudos to Creekside and keep up the awesome work!!~Jim Carlton

Jim C

Portland, OR

My wife and I recently moved to the Portland,Oregon area from the East Coast to be close to our family. Our original intention was to live in a apartment but after six months decided that apartment living was not for us. We found our dream home in the Portland suburbs and were referred to Mike Frakes at Creek Side Mortgage of Vancouver,Washington to secure a mortgage. Mike’s knowledge, attention to detail and personal touch was instrumental in our securing the right type of mortgage for us. Based on his performance and our experience with him we would refer Mike and Creekside Mortgage.

Bob and Marguerite J

Portland, OR

My wife and I recently moved to the Portland,Oregon area from the East Coast to be close to our family. Our original intention was to live in a apartment but after six months decided that apartment living was not for us. We found our dream home in the Portland suburbs and were referred to Mike Frakes at Creek Side Mortgage of Vancouver,Washington to secure a mortgage. Mike’s knowledge, attention to detail and personal touch was instrumental in our securing the right type of mortgage for us. Based on his performance and our experience with him we would refer Mike and Creekside Mortgage.

Bob J.

Portland, OR

My husband and I thought we would never be able to take advantage of a VA loan until we met Kerry Greenwald and Joe Kuziel from Creekside Mortgage. It was a year ago at the Home and Garden Idea Fair we met them at the New Tradition Homes booth. We had tried to buy a home before under the VA program but were told they had insufficient information on my husband. It was explained to us that my husband's records had been destroyed in a fire where the Army kept their records. I remember the grin that came across Kerry's face when I told him this story and he said to me, "I can get those records for you". And so a little less than a year later, we are in a beautiful home only because of Creekside Mortgage and their wonderful team! Our process had lots of ups and downs but Creekside was there with a steady calm professional hand to guide us through the closing process. Michelle, Kerry's Loan Officer Assistant, was so kind and understanding when I would get frustrated with all the information the VA needed, and Kerry was outstanding in getting us a fantastic rate! If you are every in need of a Great VA Loan Specialist, Creekside Mortgage is for sure the people to cal

Eva B

Vancouver, WA

We chose Creekside because Nicolle was so quick to answer our questions. I had not even read the reviews before choosing them because I had such a good feeling. After I realized I should read reviews after it was too late.... I was so excited to see all of the positive words.

Every single positive word written about Creekside is true! I don't think I could have found such excellent service anywhere else. I wasn't sure if a broker was the way to go but it was!! The closing costs are soooooooo low! Kerry is so friendly and takes the time to explain everything. He even drew up a chart and broke down the details that we didn't quite understand about the interest rates and helped us choose the best mortgage for our situation.

We are self employed, which can be more difficult to get a mortgage loan, but Kerry and Nicolle made it a breeze for us! For our next home loan we will definitely choose Creekside Mortgage again! Fast, helpful, honest and caring!

Christy J

Vancouver, WA

My wife and I want to highly recommend the Kerry Greenwald team at Creekside Mortgage, Vancouver, Washington. They helped us get an excellent rate and went the extra mile to be sure we got the new FHA lower mortgage insurance saving us a lot. Over the years we have bought houses in Arizona and California, and the service from Creekside is the best we have experienced. Now I am retired and need special help selecting a loan. The team got all the paperwork right and were supportive and kind during a stressful process. We were especially pleased with Michelle Garifalakis and her exceptional attention to detail and efficient processing of our loan. I will definitely recommend Creekside to friends and family.

Robert B.

Vancouver , WA

Looking for incomparable customer service? Creekside is by far the most customer focused company I have dealt with in years. They worked with us on a personal level. We were assigned one agent, Chelsey Howard the Great, who worked with us exclusively throughout process. This was momentous for us, to only work with one contact person with a direct phone number, who is familiar with you and your loan. This made the process much easier then having to call an 800 number go through several automated channels to get information. Chelsey contacted us on a regular basis, reciprocating via phone, email, and text. As busy as Chelsey was, she always found time to follow through with what was promised and addressed our every concern. We never felt lost or uninformed about anything from the start of our application to signing with the title company.

Were there any issues? Yes, during the appraisal process, we did have some uncontrollable issues between the builder and the appraisal company, which was delaying the appraisal and jeopardizing our closing. At this time, we were surprised to receive a call from the President of Creekside, Mr. Kerry Greenwald, who was very forthcoming in explaining the circumstances behind the appraisal issues, how it would impact us, and what we can do to expedite the issues. We could tell Mr. Greenwald was genuinely sincere and concerned, which we found to be very ethical, steadfast, and trustworthy.

Thanks again Creekside Mortgage!

Kyle & Patty Moore

Brush Prairie, WA

After being disappointed and disheartened by the whole experience of trying to get an equity loan from other financial institutions, we turned to Creekside Mortgage for some counseling and advice. Our intent was to get an equity loan, but after speaking with Elisa and Kerry, we decided it would be best to apply for a VA cash back refinance loan to get the necessary funding for our home improvement project. The experience from beginning to end was wonderful. Chelsey kept us well informed of which documents were needed and guided us every step of the way. Kerry called to lock the loan rate, explained what was expected, and how the refinance loan would work. With their attention to detail and guidance, the loan process from application to closing was completed in less than 30 days and Creekside Mortgage made it so easy. The staff is understanding, informative, knowledgeable, and they do exactly what they say they will do. If you are experiencing the "run around" from other lenders, we recommend Creekside Mortgage to get the job done right. They are straightforward, honest, and willing to help, even if it's just to lend a listening ear. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and getting us a great interest rate. We would not hesitate to contact Creekside Mortgage again.

Ramona and David

Edmonds, WA

Recently my husband and I completed construction of our dream retirement beach house. Acquiring a construction loan at a time when lending institutions were less than accommodating for home loans, we faced several challenges. When the time came to convert from a construction loan to permanent financing, we were very fearful. Fortunately for us, my nephew and owner of Creekside Mortgage, Kerry Greenwald, was there to guide us through the process. We assumed since it was a new build we would be financing the same as a new purchase and the best interest rate would be with a conventional loan. We were wrong on both counts. It was considered a re-finance and a VA loan was definitely the way to go even with over 30% equity. We saved three quarter of a percent on the interest and the loan is assumable [meaning a non-veteran can take over the loan at the time of purchase], adding a value to our property we hadn't expected! Kerry, Kim, Pam and the rest of the team at Creekside kept our file on track and the entire process was painless. We closed on time and now we can relax and enjoy our new home. Kerry is family, but he is also a professional that has built an amazing company and team to support his clients.

Judy & Murv Schneider

Cannon Beach, OR

"This was our second time working with Creekside Mortgage. Our first experience was excellent, which is why me came back. This experience was even better. The employees we worked with continued to work above and beyond expectation. They were continually helpful as we worked through many hurdles and difficulties set up by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, often going to bat for us when time and responsibilities did not allow my wife or I to communicate with them. We would enthusiastically suggest Creekside and its associates to anyone and especially to those that we know looking to use their VA benefits.

The Corffs

Oregon City, OR

Kerry Greenwald & Kimberly Wellman,

Just wanted to drop you & your team a quick note, letting you know we appreciate the work that was done. As you know, I was very reluctant to refinance due to principal increase and, well, the bankruptcy. Wells Fargo had made it very clear that without re-opening our BK we couldn't reaffirm our loan there for we could not refinance. We had never missed a payment nor were we ever late on this loan and yet we were being denied one of the benefits of paying as agreed and that was the effect on our credit.

Not only did you manage to not increase our loan balance, but you helped us to rebuild our credit and all the while reducing our payments by a bit over $300 per month, all in less than 3 weeks.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Gene & Carolyn Smith

Marysville, WA

Thank you so very much for all your extra time and effort on the purchase of our new home. From the beginning you understood our unusual income sources, answered all our questions, responded quickly to inquiries, and especially helped us through last-minute questions. In our 44 years of marriage and 14 home purchases (!!) we've never had a more efficient, friendly, and understanding mortgage company. Creekside rates a perfect '10' in our book!

Dr. Gale and Donna Roid

Vancouver, WA

Words cannot describe how we feel. YOU DID IT! You closed our loan in 15 days from start to finish, something we didn't think was possible. We applaud your professionalism and dedication. The work for our loan has been finished, but our new journey has just begun because of people like you who have helped make this day possible. We want to thank you for your dedication and act of kindness, and being there from the very start. Words cannot convey our gratitude for your tremendous work. If it was not for the hard work from each one of you, this day would not have happened until after the first part of the new year. Please thank everyone who worked so hard to make this day happen!

Mike & Karen Simmons

Vancouver, WA

I was referred to Creekside Mortgage when I originally purchased my home, by a co-worker who had been very satisfied with the level of service provided by them. I have worked with Creekside now for my original loan and now a recent refinance. I got a personal call from Kerry, letting me know that interest rates were were dropping and we were able to bring my interest rate down by one point within a month! I have found Creekside Mortgage is a great company to work with. Being a first-time home owner I always have tons of questions. Jenn and Kerry never hesitate to answer or return my calls in a timely manner. In fact, I had a friend go with a different mortgage company and she had nothing but difficulties. Kerry volunteered and was able to partner up with her mortgage agent and facilitate the deal for her. If you are looking for excellent service with quick turnaround, I highly recommend Creekside!

Tonya Bean-Breedlove

Longview, WA

I just refinanced my condo with Creekside Mortgage, and I think your firm did an excellent job. I was especially pleased with the service I receieved from Kerry's assistant, Jenn. She was always available when I needed something and kept me up to date via email.

Jeff Blackwell

Vancouver, WA

My experience with Creekside Mortgage was incredible. I felt very well taken care of. Any time I had a question or a concern with any part of the process, you were quick to respond. Also, I was very impressed with how aggressive the office was in making sure I was taken care of and my loan was closed in record speed...two weeks! Thank you for everything!

Tonya Bean-Breedlove

Longview, WA

I have worked in the Title and Closing business for 18 years. I've seen the highs and lows of the real estate market over the year. This recent low has brought many obstacles that Lenders must comply with and these obstacles change on a daily basis. As a broker, I found Creekside Mortgage, Inc. to be willing to help everyone they work with as much as the clients they work for. As brokers they presented all of the information to us in a timely manner and maintained constant attention to the progress of a file. The personnel at Creekside were knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They were all a pleasure to work with. I haven't encountered an entire office in the lending industry that still prides themselves in customer service--not only for the clients they make loans for, but also for other industry specialists.

Kathryn (Kitty) Goodwin, VP/Manager, LPO, Pioneer Title Co.

Pullman, WA

Dear Mike and Debbie,
I wish to thank you for helping me buy my new home using my Veteran Home Loan. You took the time to explain what he process was all about, and requested the proper forms in order to get me started. You got all the other Veteran Administration forms and approvals together and kept me informed along the way. I really appreciate the price range you gave me and locking my loan in at a great rate. Being retired, this helped me know what I could comfortably afford. Outstanding service. I will have no problem in recommending you and Creekside Mortgage to any Veterans seeking to use their Veteran Home Loan. Again, thank you for your professionalism and especially for taking care of our Veterans.

Edward W. Lincoln (USMC Vietnam Veteran)

Kelso, WA

Mike and Elisa were awesome! They helped make my home buying dream come true. I could not have done it without them. They are the BEST! Thank you!

Nancy Thompson

Ilwaco, WA

We wanted to share with you that we got the keys to our new house yesterday, and we are excited about our forthcoming move. Thank you for your assistance in making this all happen quickly and efficiently. Your commitment to friendly, yet professional, excellence has been greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your part in our successful home purchase.

Jim and Judi Gilles

Vancouver, WA

I would like to express my thanks to Mike Frakes for taking me through the purchasing process with my new home as well as the refinancing process to reduce my monthly payments. I appreciate your clear communication and your keeping me updated each step of the way. I would certainly recommend you to a friend without hesitation.

Melody Taylor

Vancouver, WA

Dear Creekside Mortgage,

On 6/4/2012, I signed a contract with your company to process my VA Home Loan. The loan was started as promised on 6/10/2012 and completed on 8/31/2012 and Gayle was able to lock our VA interest rate in at a very low rate. There was not one day when the appropriate work was not done by Creekside.

The staff were all competent, polite, and respectful of my inquires. When the loan was started, all necessary documents were collected up front saving time.

I am very pleased with the loan and would recommend your company to any of my friends or relatives who might be interesed in similar loans. It is easy to see why your company has been in business since 1984.

As a manager, I appreciate the personal inquiries you made regarding the progress of the loan and my satisfaction with it.

Your Government Mortgage Specialist: Gayle, is one in a million. She has the rare combination of personality, job expertise, coordination ability, and most of all integrity. What Gayle says, you can stake your life on.

Thank you for this life changing experience, our family is very happy!

Richie and Meghan Holmes

Redmond, OR

Gayle Hepler was wonderful in assisting us in refinancing our home recently at a low interest rate of 3.449%. She was able to obtain a VA loan for us, combining both a 1st & 2nd mortgage. Both combined is now actually lower than our previous mortgage payment for the 1st alone!

Gayle and everyone on staff at Creekside Mortgage are professional & courteous. The process from start to finish went smoothly, making it a non-stressful experience. We would definitely recommend Gayle & Creekside Mortgage to anyone looking to refinance their home.

Al & Diana Tolenino

Battle Ground, WA

Dear Gayle & Creekside Staff,

Thank you so much for your expert guidance and support during our loan process. I will highly recommend you to my military friends in this area. We are so happy in our new home and are very appreciative of all who helped us to get here.

Amethyst and Corey White

Salem, OR

I want to thank Gayle Hepler and the staff of Creekside Mortgage for assistance in the FHA refinance of my home.

As part of a divorce settlement this action was necessary. Gayle walked me through the process, making sure I understood the details and what was required of me. In what was already a very stressful situation, my concerns were addressed and my worries diminished. I am now the sole owner of my house, maintaining it for my children as 'home.

Shelley Parker

Vancouver, WA

It was a great experience dealing with Creekside Mortgage for our recent home refinance in May.

We had been trying to refinance for a couple of years now and were always turned down. (None of the government programs ever worked for us.) There was always some catch or glitch~ that would wind up saying we didn't qualify so we could not refinance.

We were told by our own lender they would not refinance us. This loan had mortgage insurance, and so we thought there was no hope to lower our rate and payment, until we asked Gayle Hepler at Creekside Mortgage, Inc. for help.

Gayle was able to help us refinance utilizing the new HARP 2.0 Refinance Relief program (for underwater home owners); and since our home mortgage was a Fannie Mae owned loan things worked out wonderfully! Gayle got this done in under 30 days! We not only were able to lower our interest rate 2 points, but are now saving over $300 a month too, which really comes in handy when raising three growing boys in this economy.

Thank you Gayle and your staff at Creekside Mortgage! We are so happy you got it done for us and we are thankful we were able to take advantage of the good, low interest rate too.

Jason and Aubrey Barkley

Hillsboro, OR

I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous service you have provided to me and my clients over the past year. Each one has been different, and you have worked through the challenges of each one, with great skill and diligence.I know in some cases, you have performed near miracles, and in my mind "you walk on water". I am especially proud of the work we have done together for our Veterans.Thank you for all you do and thank you for attending the closings (and taking those happy pictures!). I know that between us, our clients know and FEEL that they have been truly served.

Be sure to send KUDOS to your team at Creekside!

Gloria Matthews, Adamas Realty

Vancouver, WA

Dear Gayle,
I just want to thank you for the tremendous service you have provided to me and my clients over the past year. Each one has been different, and you have worked through the challenges of each one, with great skill and diligence.

I know that in some cases, you have performed near miracles, and in my mind "you walk on water." I am especially proud of the work we have done for our Veterans.

Thank you for all you do, and thank you for attending the closings. (And taking those happy pictures!) I know that between us, our clients know and FEEL that they have truly been served.

Ooooh and be sure to send KUDOS to your TEAM at Creekside!

Gloria Matthews, Adamas Realty

Vancouver, WA

Gayle Hepler is one of the most thorough mortgage brokers I have ever had the experience of working with. Her in-depth knowledge, superior communication skills and determination to help people has benefited my clients tremendously, and they have thanked me repeatedly for the introduction. I would recommend calling Gayle when you are considering obtaining any type of residential mortgage loan, because she's absolutely dynamite at what she does! She's nothing short of a miracle worker, and she won't let you down!

Tracey Branche, Oregon First Realty

Beaverton, OR


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